Land Purchase and Protection

Since its founding 7 years ago The White Hawk Foundation's main function has involved raising funds to purchase land that is critical in the protection of the wildlife on the Osa Peninsula. To date the foundation has raised funds for the purchase of two of the 12 pieces available.

How is the White Hawk Foundation Helping?

The White Hawk Foundation is supporting national efforts to protect the buffer zones adjacent to Corcovado National Park through the purchase of land for sale. Currently, the entire valley that buffers the park in Carate is for sale. If put in the wrong hands we could see unsustainable development on a large scale, ruining the most wild place on the peninsula where wildlife is still abundant.

This land is currently occupied by miners, who, once their land has been purchased, will be able to live on the land and will be supported to undertake alternative, sustainable livelihoods that protect our wilderness, not damage it.
The purchase of these lands agreements are made with the previous owners, called 'Conservation Easements'. 

Why do we need to protect the land around our National Parks?

Costa Rica currently protects around 25% of its land, with deforestation inside these national parks being, overall, very low. It is outside of these parks that real habitat loss is occurring, with the Corcovado-Piedras Blancas region being one of the most heavily affected areas. Corcovado and Piedras Blancas National Parks currently exist within a matrix of unprotected land used for agriculture, plantations of rice, palm oil and teak and urban areas.


This has lead to the national parks functioning as islands, reducing their ability to support the wildlife they were designed to protect. Nationally, one of the main objectives for the protection of the Osa Peninsula is to increase protected land around and in between these national parks, in order to increase the amount of habitat available for wildlife and enable the migration of wildlife through the peninsula. This will ultimately increase the density and health of wildlife populations on the peninsula.

Essential Properties Requiring Permanent Protection