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Future Project: Bio-Education Center

The Bio-Education Center will be the first space for environmental education on the Osa Peninsula.  The center will act as a central point for both local people and visitors who wish to learn about the biodiversity that exists in what was named 'The most biodiverse place on earth' by National Geographic.

Here, we will take you on a tour of the senses, where you can expect to find a wildlife photography exhibition, a bio-acoustics display, environmental arts displays, our very own edible garden and a wealth of information and interactive material about the hidden treasures of this area.

We are in the process of raising funds to build the center. If you wish to help you can donate here. We are also looking for companies who wish to donate equipment that we need for the new center. Right now, we are looking for a solar system to ensure we remain sustainable and an air-conditioning system for our biological collection. Please contact us to talk further if you wish to help us in any way.

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