About The El Tigre Fund

El tigre fundThe El Tigre Fund (“The Tiger Fund”) supports the White Hawk Foundation.

The El Tigre Fund is exempt from taxes under the United States IRS code 501(c)(3).   To date it has supported projects in the Osa Peninsula including the Harpy Eagle project, the Osa Sea Turtle Project, an on going Crocodile Survey and now a Census of the Monkey population in the Carate watershed and lagoon and the Recycling Center in Puerto Jimenez.  In Africa, they have helped support the Cheetah Conservation Fund’s efforts in Kenya as well as a tree planting project in Kenya.  They have also been involved with wildlife conservation projects in Belize.

The board of directors of the fund now agrees to concentrate their efforts in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica where they can see the results and monitor more closely the effect of their support.

Donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes.  This is beneficial for those from the USA who wish to make a tax deductible gift.  All donations so far have been from private donors.  For the White Hawk Foundation, we keep a separate accounting of donations and expenditures.